OK, It’s Been Awhile!

I just saw this video of the Brazilian hackers exposing corruption of their government officials. It prompted an immediate government change of policy and is an excellent example of shining sunlight on the shadowy relationships of the powerful and their bought and paid for politicians.

I put the link on a reply to this blog, on PopularResistance.org which advocates looking back to resistance movements of the past. My posting of the video was my attempt to highlight the way forward. Technology is a powerful tool that the powerful do not control! That means that technology can be a tool for progress; A tool for democracy; A tool to bring sunlight to the dark, dank recesses of our government and corporate power relationships.

When I first conceived of and wrote this blog, I believed that a simple pledge of openness, demanded by voters, would be enough to change our political system. It isn’t. Too many people live passively and are clinging to their jobs and way of life without understanding how those are not truly of their own making.

It is for the those people, the great numbers of good, but uninvolved people, that the ugliness of the shadowy relationships in the finance, corporate and government worlds must be exposed. Then, they will see how their hopes, dream, aspirations and freedom have been stolen. Then, they will pay more attention to the candidates who want their precious vote.

Then we will have democracy and a just and equitable country.

So, do you have the skills to hack, or the interest to add your voice to mine? Are you willing to carry the call for a “focused hackathon” to expose the concealed relationships of the powerful? I hope so!

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